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Feeds that use content:encoded to store the full content of a post have the content being truncated so when I go to process the data in item.Content, the text is truncated with the trailing [...] leading me to believe feeds with content:encoded are storing the content from the feed's description element in the item.Content property.


abrudtkuhl wrote Jul 11, 2007 at 10:40 PM

My original thought was that this may be a result on Line 62 in the Complete() method of Parser.cs that corrects feeds that use summary as content.

But, after stepping through the client application it appears that RssParser.cs is not handling this correctly. It is setting the feedItem.Content to the description and not handling <content:encoded> at all. It tries to handle it in the readModules (due to the default case).

So, should this be added as a case and corrected so that description gets saved to the correct property (feedItem.Summary) and <content:encoded> be saved to be feedItem.Content.

Not sure the best way to handle this. What do you think Kostik?
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Kostik wrote Jul 13, 2007 at 10:56 AM

Take a look the latest release ( - I've implemented "Content" module, so that <content:encoded> should now be available (over FeedItem.ModuleItems). Check ClientApplication to see how it works..

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